google_blogWe, at Schuyl, Inc., use the Google Webmasters search console to keep track of search analytics, search appearance, crawl errors, index reports, security issues, all in order to make sure that the websites that we design, maintain, and/or host for our business clients are easily accessible and available for their visitors and customers. Search engine optimization is indeed one of our specialties, and since Google is the most popular source for web searching, we take the time to make sure that content is readily available.

While our #1 priority for using Google Webmasters is to make sure that our sites are secure (for obvious reasons), we happen to collect data to see how our sites are doing when it comes to search optimization and visitation. When viewing statistics for a certain site, the main dashboard shows a search analytic graph, a crawl error panel, a sitemap panel, and a message/issue feed. Just to give a quick example of what a search analytic graph looks like, below is a screenshot for one of our most visited sites:


The Search Console is a very unique and useful tool to help improve search optimization and security to help promote and protect our hosted websites. – S.I.