pencilLet’s say you or your business would like to have a blog. You can either search for an online service that provides blogs in a given format or layout, or you can have a company design one for you. In any case, when looking through rough drafts or demos for your blog, you will find that there are placeholder images, blogs, and text just to provide a general idea of what it will look like.

A practice that is commonly implemented is the use of dummy Latin paragraphs and excerpts that serve as filler. Here’s an example:

“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nunc quis interdum lectus. Morbi pretium sit amet felis eget tincidunt. Etiam eu justo quis odio viverra bibendum. Praesent dolor sapien, convallis ut lacinia consequat, semper mollis nunc. Mauris at rutrum ex, eu rhoncus urna. Cras at libero quis dolor aliquam euismod. Nam lorem tortor, auctor vitae sodales vel, viverra vitae dolor. Sed hendrerit sem non dui ultrices interdum. Vivamus posuere volutpat erat.”

This practice is very effective. If you’re looking to provide a demo of a blog for someone or for a company, a very great way to provide Latin-based placeholders is by visiting, which not only has a very effective generator, but also gives a brief history on the origins of “Lorem ipsum” as well.

However, if you really want to spice up your placeholders, there’s a very fun text placeholder generator called Bacon Ipsum, that provides not only Latin-based words, but also provides various pork-based terms. Take a look at this example:

“Bacon ipsum dolor amet tempor et ipsum consequat picanha spare ribs elit nisi flank. Strip steak flank voluptate, et tri-tip officia meatball adipisicing ullamco. Turducken dolor cupim proident, laborum ribeye tempor tenderloin cow biltong. Deserunt ham hock brisket, laboris occaecat meatloaf bresaola leberkas tenderloin chuck ex elit shoulder. Nisi culpa venison anim tri-tip sirloin voluptate ex minim. Lorem sed ullamco non chuck pastrami.”

If you believe adding a good amount of protein is a fun, catchy way to present placeholders, go to and try it out for yourself. – S.I.