We’ve been recently striving to practice and perfect a form of web design that’s been receiving quite a bit of attention, especially when it comes to browsing websites on mobile devices. It’s called responsive web design. Some of you may have heard the term thrown out from time to time, but let me take this moment to briefly explain what it is and how it can benefit you and your company or organization’s online presence.

The basic purpose of responsive web design is to have a layout that can accommodate and wrap itself around to the size of any screen or browser window. For example, let’s say you’re looking at a website through your desktop and looks like… this:


In this layout, all of the sections and modules are placed in a gridded format with columns contained within rows. But, let’s just say you viewed the website again, but this time, on a smaller device, such as a tablet. Now, the layout will look like this:

Portrait tablet-port

Landscape tablet-land


See how the columns wrap themselves around in their rows? They will also wrap around if you view your tablet vertically (portrait orientation) or horizontally (landscape orientation). That’s the beauty of responsive web design. Instead of having to create a mobile-specific website that’s built like an app, a responsive website is already mobile-friendly.

Let’s take this a step further and see how the layout looks on a smartphone:


Landscape phone-land

As you can see in the portrait oriented phone view, all of the columns in their rows are vertically aligned so that information is presented to you in a very clean, organized, and efficient layout for your phone screen.

The reason why responsive web design is so important is that nowadays, browsing the Internet with mobile devices is becoming more popular than ever, and we are doing our part to accommodate to this growing trend. Not only that, with the way responsive design is set up in the present day, the best way to grab attention by presenting your content is with a less-is-more approach, which is something that responsive web design is capable of.

Some companies involved with website design usually charge extra to make your website mobile-ready or responsive. Not us. We now make sure your newly-created website is mobile-ready and responsive no matter what.

So, give us a call or send us an email (through our address or by visiting the Contact Us page, found at the bottom of the site) to see how we can make your company or organization website cleaner, more efficient, more functional, and more mobile friendly. We can’t wait to hear from you! – S.I.