internet-rThroughout the last decade, there have been many trends on what Internet browser to use. Now, the following data collection isn’t to influence anyone on what browser to use, but it shows the usage over the last six years (2009-2015, from the date of this post), to show what is currently the most popular choice as a web browser.

You can find this data collection from w3schools by clicking on this link (opens in a new tab):

From 2009-2015, the most popular browsers used are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, and Opera. I’ve used an excel chart to show how usage between these browsers have changed. Take a look:
From this analysis alone, here’s the breakdown:

  • Safari and Opera have stayed relatively under the radar throughout this time period, but have been very consistent with overall usage.
  • Internet Explorer was once the most popular browser used (not seen in this chart, however), but has taken a massive nosedive with the growing popularity and functionality of Chrome and Firefox.
  • Mozilla Firefox has stayed very popular among many users, and although popularity has gone down, its support and performance is still top-notch.
  • Google Chrome started at a low point, but in an alarming rate, has become by far, the most popular web browser today, and it’s still rising. The usage is clearly unmatched.

Of course, we, at Schuyl, Inc., use multiple browsers, desktop and mobile, for testing out the compatibility and performance our developed websites as to enhance the browsing experience. I hope that this information was as interesting to you as I found it to be. Share this page with others and debate on what you think the best Internet browser is right now. – S.I.