piriformKeeping your PC clean, fast, and efficient is obviously of importance. Thankfully, there is software out there that can help clean out any junk files, defrag your hard drive, or even recover long lost files from your PC. Thankfully, Piriform has four nifty programs that can help your computer at home run as good as new. Not only that, Piriform has business solutions for optimizing work PC performance as well!

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This is Piriform’s keystone product. CCleaner allows users to clean up junk files, fix errors within the PC registry, clear out cookies and Internet browser history, and manage installations of programs.

While the free version has these aspects, the Professional version includes real-time monitoring, scheduled cleaning, automatic updates, and premium support. If that’s not enough, there is a Professional Plus verison that integrates the functions of Defraggler and Recuva into one program!

There are different versions of CCleaner for Business, Technician, Network, and Cloud, to help with businesses.

CCleaner also has an app available for Android, so be sure to check that out.



File system fragmentation, according to Wikipedia, is the tendency of a file system to lay out the contents of files non-contiguously to allow in-place modification of their contents. Over time, as a hard drive’s files become more and more fragmented, it becomes harder for the computer to access those files in an efficient rate.

Although computer systems do come with a defragmenter, Defraggler thoroughly analyzes disk fragmentation and defragments your system in a much more in-depth and thorough manner. Defraggler will also show you a detailed and graphical representation of the defragmentation process, as well as having customization options and scheduled processes.



If you’ve ever deleted files of importance or lost files after your computer crashed, Recuva recovers files from your computer, trash, and other locations.

Not only does Recuva work with regular file recovery, it can also recover files from damaged or corrupted hard disks, execute deep scans for buried files, and can securely delete any files you may not need.



Speccy is a useful tool for finding out your computer specifications, including CPU, motherboard stats, RAM, graphic cards, your operating system, and others, as well as giving out detailed reports of these pieces of information.

This program also checks out the temperatures of your computer, as well as locating issues within your system before they happen.